Luis Santine

  • (+599-9) 529 1015


Luis (1970), is the founder and managing director of InfoCapital and CX Pay; providing diversified advisory services related to international business solutions and transaction services. InfoCapital & CX Pay serve a wide range of clientele ranging from corporate to small business owners and from merchants to institutional investors. Our expertise and solutions are found primarily in the areas of strategic management, fiduciary services and e-Commerce. Since 2010, Luis has completed several management assignments primarily in the financial sector. In almost all cases the institutions were in a startup or incorporation stage, which required the operational structures of the organizations to be architected, coordinated and executed. The scope of work also included the licensing process of the institutions with the related compliance and enactment of the regulatory processes as well as the establishment of correspondent banking relationships. Luis also contributed with substantiating the marketing and sales strategy of the organizations through his extensive international network.



Luis is experienced in exchange listing services on the DCSX and is active in the startup scene, helping to facilitate fintech startups with access to finance through the Earlybird Funding platform. Luis has built significant expertise and experience in e-commerce and e-payments advising clients on payments and transactional structures, while providing merchants with (online) payment solutions through the CX Pay platform. On an executive level, Luis is a board member of Travelsure Insurance Company, Manrique Capriles International and is active as board member of charitable organizations like the Curacao Athletic Scholarship Foundation and the Sea Turtles Conservation Curacao. Luis has extensive experience in the international financial sector, having occupied the positions of Interim Managing Director of the Curacao Development Institute (CDI), Managing Director of the South American International Bank (SAIB), CEO of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) and Managing Director of Earlybird Funding (EBF).



Furthermore, Luis was a board member of Banco del Orinoco, the International Bankers Association (IBA), the Curacao International Financial Services Association (CIFA) and is the former chairman of the Supervisory Board of Curacao Investment & Export Development Foundation (CINEX), AMFO and the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) as well as former board member of the Algemene Rekenkamer Curacao (Curacao Court of Audit). Luis holds an MBA degree in Entrepreneurship & Management and a B.S.B.A. degree in International Business in Finance from the American University in Washington, D.C. Luis is proficient in Dutch, English, Spanish, in addition to Papiamentu.