Curaçao Individual Investor Program

Authorized as a trustworthy investment consultancy company

In accordance with the Individual Investor Program (IIP) of Curaçao known as the Investors Permit 2014, InfoCapital has received an Authorization License with number 2015/022613 by the Ministry of Justice of Curaçao to act as an accredited person to carry out the pertinent due diligence process for the Individual (Residence) Investor Program (IIP).

By Ministerial Decree no 2014/045495 the IIP allows for investors to obtain an investor permit allowing them and their family (partner and children) entrance to Curaçao. Geared toward investors who contribute to the economic development of Curaçao, Eligible applicants will be required to contribute US$ 840,000 (ANG 1,500,000) for an indefinite investor permit. For investments of US$ 280,000 (ANG 500,000) up to US$ 840,000, a temporary investor permit will be issued for up to 5 years. The temporary investor permit may be extended as long as the conditions are met. The investor permit is the fastest way to invest, work and live in Curaçao.

As an “Accredited Person”, InfoCapital is authorized as a trustworthy investment consultancy company to accept investments from foreign investors for applying the Curaçao investment immigration program in accordance with the individual Investor Permit program of Curaçao.

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