Interim Management, Supervisory and Executive Board Positions

Having held senior and management positions including board memberships for more than 15 years, InfoCapital represented by Luis Santine can assume execute positions in companies that are looking for an interim- or full-time management solution or a seat on their advisory or supervisory board.

Since 2010 InfoCapital has completed several management assignments primarily in the financial sector. On an executive level, Luis is a board member of Travelsure Insurance Company and Manrique Capriles International and is active as board member of charitable organizations like the Curacao Athletic Scholarship Foundation and the Sea Turtles Conservation Curacao. Luis has extensive experience in the international financial sector, having occupied the positions of Interim Managing Director of the Curacao Development Institute (CDI), Managing Director of the South American International Bank (SAIB), CEO of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) and Managing Director of Earlybird Funding (EBF).

Furthermore, Luis was a board member of the International Bankers Association (IBA), the Curacao International Financial Services Association (CIFA) and is the former chairman of the Supervisory Board of Curacao Investment & Export Development Foundation (CINEX), AMFO and the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) as well as former board member of Banco del Orinoco and the Algemene Rekenkamer Curacao (Curacao Court of Audit).

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