AML/Compliance and ID Verification Services

Companies and organizations increasingly face challenges related to AML and Compliance.

The challenges are typically associated with the increased work flow created by compliance requirements of gathering and maintaining KYC documents of clients/customers and the subsequent effect on conducting payments to (foreign) suppliers as well as reporting unusual transactions to local authorities. At InfoCapital we apply some of the best solutions in the field of anti-fraud and KYC/AML solutions in Europe, Asia & US. The system that uses AI/HI technology performs fast, accurate and compliant customer due diligence online, facilitating our online services to clients and customers all over the world with legal and regulatory requirements. This enables InfoCapital to help clients increase conversion, prevent fraud and ensure client trust.

Our policies and procedures enable reliable customer on-boarding by verifying our clients with the highest conversion possible of authentic users. The ID Verification platform that we apply supports multiple document formats making it easier for us to on board potential customers. InfoCapital provides these KYC/AML services to third parties as an all-in-one solution that helps businesses to manage and report all money transactions in a compliant manner and in accordance with government regulations. Our complete compliance solution helps companies meet KYC/AML requirements, as well as data protection laws (GDPR, local Asian, Eastern European requirements and other). Our service model brings an all-in-one solution that helps your business to manage and report all money transactions conform government regulations and compliance.

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